Faculty of Agriculture Sciences and Biosystems Engineering

The English Master’s Program of Agronomy ("EMPA"), established in Fall 2017, provides a unique opportunity to prospective candidates aspiring to become future global leaders in the field of agronomy. All EMPA courses and lectures are offered in English to prepare students to face real-life challenges of the global economy. Our expert team of English-speaking professors and lecturers are trained to equip each student with the English skills necessary to compete in both the academic and professional fields. We are confident that EMPA is the leading international program in the field of agronomy. 

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In addition to the core agronomy courses, EMPA offers various electives such as entomology, ecology, genetics, and breeding, to help course participants choose their specific careers and fields. We are currently in discussions with foreign universities regarding a potential double degree program in agronomy and are working towards finalizing the details soon.