For foreign students

*Please read 2 documents(1,2) and prepare and send  documents(4,5) along with copy of passport, copy of academic diploma, original transcript, and copy of application fee receipt.

*Please hurry up so that we can process your application along with visa procedure. 

Please check out following site;

For foreign students, official English test scores such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS may not be required.  However, it is recommended so that our professional English team can help and guide each student effectively.  Students with a bachelor's degree in agronomy or agronomy related field are preferred, but students holding a bachelor's degree in another major may also apply to this program.  

Tuition fee is 2000USD per year(Based on 2017 Fall).  EMPA is a 2 year program for master's degree in agronomy 



For local Georgian students, the general requirement for admission is a bachelor’s degree (or an equivalent academic degree) from a regionally accredited institution and a minimum CEFR level of B2.


International students whose post-secondary education was completed outside of Georgia are expected to hold a degree representing a completion of at least four years of study at a university or university-level institution. English language prerequisites may not apply. However, students who have a bachelor’s degree (or an equivalent academic degree) in the field of agronomy or general majors related to biological sciences are preferred.