Student Life

Please do remember that this information does not have any ...However, we would like to provide average predictable students life expenditure so that we could help students to be responsible for life during their academic years.  Student expenditure may vary. Students of Georgian nationality have around 50% tuition redemption from the Georgian government.  So there are tuition differences between a Georgian student and a foreign student.  All students in GTU live by their own or with their families in Tbilisi but we are willing to help overcome any financial barriers so that students can focus on their studies. There are various housing options in Tbilisi. A 2 bedroom apartment fee is $   in Sabotalo and Digomi area which most foreign student live in.  Most rental houses are furnished. The untilisy fee is around 40 GEL/month and students usually spend 20GEL/month on thsie internet and cellphone bill.  An average lunch meal is around 5-8 GEL in restaurants near by GTU.  Students usually spend less than 1 GEL for public transportation per day.  Tuition for Georgian Students is around $2000GEL / year while for foreign students the tuition fee is 2000USD/ year. ($1 is around 2.3GEL)   

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Bridging the gap between Asia and Europe, Tbilisi's rich cultural and iconic history is at the service of students studying in the area. Tbilisi is one of the safest cities in Eastern Europe according to CNN, which is a testament to Tbilisi's slogan: The City That Loves You. Student will be able to live a healthy and vibrant life by taking advantage of the amiable government support, inexpensive healthcare, natural environment, and the other countless opportunities while pursuing their studies. 

Usually, students from some countries pursue their study without visa because Georgian government allows 365 days staying to foreigner.  (You can check your county following sites:

With the help of Georgian government's modernized management system and hospitality to foreigners, you will be guaranteed to pursue your study without problems. 

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