Greetings from the program director

Hello, my name is Elijah Chang and I'm the director of EMPA. It is my pleasure and honor to embark on this exciting journey with each of you to explore the endless opportunities available for the select students of agronomy at Georgian Technical University ("GTU"). My background as the agricultural director of an international organization has given me the chance to work in the field of agronomy in the US, South Korea, Timor Leste, and Myanmar. Now, as I relocated to Georgia, I see a great potential in agronomy in the rich water supply, fertile land, and mild climate of Georgia, as well as the agricultural heritage and knowledge handed down through the ages. 


It is the ambition of me and my team to take advantage of the abundance of Georgian agronomy to educate and raise future leaders of agronomy in Georgia while developing and facilitating the export of Georgian agriculture. We believe that both local Georgian and foreign students at GTU will benefit from the entrepreneurial perspective gained from EMPA. We welcome all of you and look forward to having you join EMPA!

Program Objective

The main objective of this program is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences required to become global agricultural leaders. In addition to the basic academic discipline in the field of agronomy, our program will incorporate training in professional communication skills dealing with current global issues in agronomy. Enrolled students will also learn effective approaches of agricultural market production in various cultures, and acquire current knowledge and techniques in the agro-industry necessary for contributing to the local and national agricultural development.