Program Prerequisites

For local Georgian students, the general requirement for admission is a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent academic degree) from a regionally accredited institution and a minimum CEFR level of B2.


International students whose post-secondary education was completed outside of Georgia is expected to hold a degree representing completion of at least four years of study from a university or university-level institution. English language prerequisites may not apply. However, students who have a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent academic degree) in the field of agronomy or general majors related to biological sciences are preferred.

English Proficiency 

We expect our students to become international leaders in the field of agronomy. That’s why EMPA focuses on English communication skills, which may be a challenge and deterrent to some prospective students.


Our professors and lecturers are dedicated to helping students hone their English language skills throughout the program. We are also currently under discussion with a third-party English language institute for future collaboration to provide students with additional help. 

 No English Test scores (ex. TOEFL) are required for applying for EMPA. However, if you have any English test scores, please report them so that we may increase efficiency of teaching in EMPA.