Giorgi Kvartskhava,


Dean of Agrarian Science and Bio-system Engineering faculty

Ph.D at the Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry, Georgian Academy of Sciences.


David Maghradze


Head of the Department for regulation of Viticulture: National Wine Agency of Georgia

Head of the Laboratory of Grapevine Germplasm Research, Genetics and Breeding: Institute of Viticulture and Oenology, Georgian Technical University

Scientific interest

Conservation activities of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) and fruit Germplasms and maintenance of a field collection

Ampelography description and characterisation of Georgian native varieties

Molecular fingerprinting of Georgian grape Germplasm for their characterisation

Studding of European wild grapevine (Vitis silvestris) and activities for its conservation

Studding of grape and wine culture of Georgia 

Domestication of grapes


Elijah Sukjoo Chang

Invited professor.

Agricultural Program Director Seed of Hope in Boston USA and Tbilisi Georgia

Agricultural Specialist, Seed of Hope in Boston and Dili Timor-leste

The University of Georgia, USA. M.A. Dept. of Crop and Soil Science

Korea university, M.A. College of Agriculture


Maka Murvanidze


PhD in Zoology. Academy of Sciences of Gerogia

European School Tbilisi

Battelle Memorial Institute Branch in Georgia. Vector Surveillance Researcher

Institute of Entomology at Agricultural University of Georgia. Associate professor


Nino Chkhartisvili


Professor of enology. Director of research-scientific center of viticulture and oenology.  Georgian Technical University

Caucasus International University – Coordinator of educational program in viticulture and winemaking, director of research-scientific center of viticulture and oenology.

Scientific-research center of agriculture division of public relationship –manager;

Ph.D Georgian Agrarian University


Mariam Betsiashvili

Professor, Genebank manager, Agricultural University of Georgia

MASHAV center award for course “Biotechnology and Bioinformatics in Agriculture: Plants and Microorganisms” at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Rehovot, Israel


Soyoung Kwon


Professor, Department of Linguistics in Illia University

Ph.D. in Linguistics Program, The University of Georgia. USA


Nana Bitsadze


Assistant Professor, Agricultural University of Georgia

Researcher, I. Lomouri Institute of Crop Protection

2013 – Training, University of Milan, STSM, COST Action: FA1003.

2012- Nuffic, Peru, University La Molina.
2011-2012 Fulbright scholarship, USA, Geneva NY, Cornell University.
2011 DAAD scholarship, Germany, Goettingen University.
2010 NUFFIC scholarship, Holland, Wageningen University. 
2006 –2007 DAAD scholarship, Germany, Göttingen University.
2003 MASHAV fellowship, Israel, Bet Dagan
1999 MAICH scholarship Greece, Chania


Ekaterine Burkadze

Invited Professor

Food safety expert with many years of experience, invited by various international donor organizations to conduct assessment, training and implementation of the food safety management systems in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

Food safety expert at Comprehensive Institutional Building CIB Programme  for National Food Agency of Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia

Food Safety and Quality Management systems consultant at STAR consulting LLC

Tea Arabuli


Institute of Entomology. Agricultural University of Georgia. Head of the arthropods Laboratory.

Ph.D. Georgian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Zoology


Joshua T. Kondo

Invited Professor

Sees of Hope, Georgia, Legal Counsel

Boston College Law School, Juris Doctor

Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. Director, International Tax / Cross Border Tax Group

Mariam Chubinishvili


Ph.D in NLE Agricultural  University of  Georgia, Kanchaveli  Institute ofPlant Protection

Visiting Scholar and Scientist / ARO Volcani Center, Bet Dagan, Israel (2006-2007), UC Davis, USA(2008), Schwentinental, Germany(2008), University of Arizona, USA(2013) 

Manana Kakhadze


Ph.D. Higher Attestation Commission,Moscow,Russia

Research Scientist NLE Agricultural University of Georgia,  Kanchaveli  Institute of Plant Protection 

Research Project key person in CRDF/GRDF/DTRA/ STCU 

Mariam Khomasuridze