Currently, professor Elijah Sukjoo Chang visited Kangwon National University and Chungnam National University in Korea to present the EMPA program and discuss about a possible dual degree program with several Korean Universities.  Every seminar and meeting went well and Professors and administrators were very interested in this program are now communicating in detail for the next step. Since this is a professional master's program, both universities are responsible for selecting students for the dual degree program and students will be professionally educated in both countries each year.  Moreover, they will have a higher chance to be hired as a professional Ph.D. student not with a full scholarship, salary, and other benefits according to their professionality.  We look forward to meet many EMPA students so that they may have international opportunities in the field of agronomy.           

We had several questions about applying to EMPA as a different major in agronomy.

For example,

I'm so interested by your program but I doubt because I fear that my current program (civil engineering) allows me to pursue my master in the EMPA.

Our answer is;

YES. You can apply to EMPA regardless of your undergraduate major. It is our pleasure to teach and make every effort for any students to find their way of future in agronomy.  

It could be hard to study because of the lack of background knowledge in agronomy.  However, a positive and broad sense of knowledge could be established which will be helpful for your future.  In fact, many knowledgeable students changes their major at their master's year.  


So please do not be afraid to apply to EMPA because of your undergraduate major.